Ship Chandling is a service that arose almost simultaneously with the shipping business and through the years it has developed alongside maritime traffic, reaching the point where it is now making use of the most modern and efficient logistic techniques.

Med Ship Supply S.r.l. is an up and coming company founded by a small group of young people who have however already accumulated years of experience in this sector. The aim of the new company is to look at the shipping business from a different point of view, which will grant Ship Managers and Owners extremely competitive prices and immaculate service. These days, timing is always of primary importance: our system allows us to respond promptly to any type of request, allowing our Company to grow rapidly as a Ship Chandler.

Our strenghts are in our flexible structure and our deep understanding of the needs of naval supplies, which allow us to offer high standard Catering service for yachts and mega-yachts as well as trading vessels in transit in all main ports of Italy.


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